There’s a lot of numbers in this post’s title. So let me explain. The Novel Corona Virus currently treating havoc around the world is pretty much the same as September 11th, 2001. It’s a grab by powerful entities and many of us have already come to the same conclusion.

COVID-19. What a name. If we analyze that first. Why COVID-19? Is it just an easy way to stay on top of developments. The virus, we have been told, is already mutating all around the world. Creating side strains that are even more or less powerful than the original. So what’s next? COVID-20 and 21? It seems that just like during the aftermath of 9/11 we have created another invisible enemy. An enemy that can never be defeated and can be created or enhanced willingly.

The media is on it too. After 9/11 when all the big news networks had their cameras aimed at the towers for dramatic effect it was a media circus. But the news media all had the same story. There was no room for criticism or inconvenient questions. Much of the same is happening now. We have a media apparatus that can’t get enough of this virus. Fear-mongering their way through morning shows, afternoon news, and late-night talk shows. Day after day, week after week. No room for criticism or alternative views. The path has been paved and everyone has to follow.

Many scientists and medical professionals have come out and talked about the draconian measures and subsequent destruction of the economy. Labelling it as unnecessary. Is this virus more potent than the annual flu we have going around? It appears it definitely doesn’t kill more people. Although that might be because of the measures taken. However, if we are so concerned with the health of our society, why not directly address that issue. Why don’t we ban cigarettes all around the world? It is clear that smokers have a much greater chance of getting seriously ill from this infection. The same goes for quarantining and locking down whole cities, countries and stopping the flow of people around the world. Could we have told the elderly and immune-compromised that there’s a dangerous virus going around which could be troublesome? Could we have asked those people to self-quarantine and thus not killing the economy?

So what’s behind all these draconian, fascist measures that are swooping around the world? Could it be that this all apart of a much larger plan? I think that is pretty clear it is. Why else would every country in the world do the exact same thing? We could be seeing different approaches around the world, but instead, we see an approach dedicated by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations which has been adapted without many issues anywhere by pretty much every country in the world.

The question is why is this? Why are we all being hurdles into the biggest depression ever? Why are we all being led to believe that social contact and socialising is bad? And that’s where the master plan meets 9/11.

9/11 was a grab of freedoms. No one can deny that now. We have seen many draconian laws brought into action around the world. All to stop the evil terrorists. We have seen that the terrorism card was played for decades to get control over rogue states. Illegal wars were raged and millions were killed. At a different level, the 9/11 card was used to get control over all the movement around the world. Harbours, airports and border crossings were forever changed. Everything is recorded. Everything is being tracked. Because we were told, a terrorist could smuggle in a nuclear bomb if we don’t do this.

The 9/11 grab was about getting global control. The UN got more power. organisations like the World Health Organisation, the World Bank and the Economic Forum were all made more important in this global war against the terrorists. Paving the way for the global crackdown we see today.

The definition of terrorism though seems to apply to the USA and it’s allies more than anything or anyone else. They are the ones who have been terrorising the Middle East and the people there. They have been starting wars and committing war crimes. History is clear. There’s really only one country which has been trying to dominate the whole world for decades. And they will use whatever means they find necessary.

Back to the virus. Another enemy we are at war with. A term used all around the world. At war with a virus. How are we going to beat this one? And even if we do, they can just create or makeup that we now have the COVID-23 terrorising our lives. With the help of the media, people will walk themselves to the slaughterhouse. They will be begging for more draconian measures to just keep them and their families safe. Not understanding that we are completely safe and that the only thing attacking us is what they trust to keep them safe. Our medical system and government.

9/11 was about the macro grab. This is the micro grab. 9/11 got them control of the world. This will get them control of our personal lives. Creating a world where the government can dictate and decide how people live. They will tell us what we need and mandate whatever they want to “keep us safe”.

There have been many awake people in the “conspiracy” world who have been warning that this was coming. And I guess this is just another conspiracy proven to be real. The question is not if we will lose freedoms. The question is what freedoms first and how they will go about getting everyone inline. The wars after 9/11 were raged in faraway countries. This was will be raged in your country, your town and street. In your house. That’s what the COVID-grab is about. Getting control of you!

Be aware and fight them at every step!

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