In the last few days, it has become apparent that COVID-19 is a virus that has stopped the world in its tracks. The damage has been done. All over the world millions have been thrown into poverty by eliminating their places of employment. All to stop the spread of this dangerous virus that will kill without discretion if we don’t adhere to the draconian, totalitarian rules, regulations and laws that have been brought in all around the globe.

Many stories have emerged online of doctors, scientists and other health professionals asking questions about the testing criteria and the validity of the numbers. Questions have been raised especially around the actual people who carry COVID-19 and the percentages that end up in hospital and ICU. Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson who was largely responsible for the fear-mongering in the UK, USA, and Australia has since admitted that he was wrong and his numbers were off. (See the full story) Numbers that were used to justify the lockdown and closures that have crippled the economy around the world.

On 15 March 2020, the Icelandic government released this press release. In the release, they state that Iceland has been testing far more individuals than any other country around the world. Mainly due to a company called deCode offering free testing to inhabitants. This resulted in a great scientific data pool because the Iceland numbers reflect a population as a whole and not just people with symptoms of a cold or other flu. As has been the case in many other countries.

The numbers are staggering and show that the complete shutdown of the world has been a hoax. Although the virus might be real and it might be more contagious than other flu-like illnesses it has become clear that the numbers do not warrant a full economic shutdown of the world economy.

Iceland’s numbers show that 6.5 % of the tested inhabitants were infected. A far larger number than in any other country. This number was taken out of context immediately and used as a fear-mongering tool. Claiming that this data shows that the virus is far more dangerous than previously thought.

The data also shows that most people infected are between 20 and 50 and have no health issues when infected. A vastly under-reported fact in the media. With media manipulating people’s perception by only reporting on people that got sick in this age group.

However, if you delve a little deeper into the numbers it becomes clear this is all a hoax once again. For weeks we have been told by health officials and politicians all over the world that this virus will overrun our health system if we don’t take drastic measures. ICU beds will be scarce and doctors will have to decide who will live and who will die. A ridiculous and unfounded statement when you start analyzing the Icelandic data.

We will use Australia as the example to see how deadly this virus really is. Australia according to the government will have 25.87 million inhabitants by the end of 2020. So we will take that number as the total population. Australia at the start of the pandemic had 2229 ICU beds in the country. A number which has most certainly grown since then as the government stated that they would double this number to be able to deal with the influx of patients. But for the sake of this analysis, we will work with 2229 ICU beds.

So let’s do some maths and see what percentages of Icelandic people ended up in hospital and ICU. Out of the tested group, it appears only 0.132% ended up in the hospital and an even smaller percentage of 0.044% needed ICU treatment. We also need to point out that COVID-19 thrives in colder conditions and we can all admit that Iceland would be the perfect climate for COVID-19 to run rampant. For example, it would be impossible for COVID-19 to stay alive on a hard outside service in Australia on a normal summer day. Whereas that same hard service in Iceland could harvest the virus for a long period of time. Thus increasing the dangers of infection in Iceland.

Australian experts were talking about a 1% death rate due to coronavirus. A number that is completely wrong and unfounded. As the Icelandic numbers show that 0.044% of infected people end up in ICU.

So if we take those Icelandic percentages and apply them for Australia it would mean the following. If every person in Australia would be infected with COVID-19 it would mean that less then 35.000 people would need hospitalization and just under 11.400 people would need ICU treatment. Well, indeed that is 5 times the amount of beds available. And that would be an issue. However, even the governments and health services around the world have admitted that an infection rate of around 20% of the population is a worst-case scenario. Which would mean that Australia would need 2.276 ICU beds. A number that should be able to be handled quite easily with the possibility of adding extra beds.

The Icelandic numbers show however that the rate of infection is actually much lower at around 6.5%. That would mean if we project this onto the Australian population that we would see 1.681.550 people infected with COVID-19. And if we then take the percentages that end up in hospital and ICU it comes down to the following. We would need to hospitalize 2220 people and about 740 ICU beds would be needed. A number that could be easily accomplished by the Australian health system. Even before the crisis created extra ICU beds.

But as can be seen in the above screenshot. Research being used by the Australian government, to justify the draconian totalitarian laws they are bringing in, states that 44580 coronavirus patients would see the system overrun. A complete lie and now with the scientific data from Iceland we can say that science has shown that Australia would need to hospitalize around 60 people and around 20 in ICU when this number is reached.

Can you see the problem here? We have been given completely false and misleading information around this virus. Information that is being used to destroy the world’s economy. So why would they do this you might ask? Well, it is easy. It’s a long play. They kill a vast amount of small and medium-sized businesses. Opening up opportunities to buy up these businesses or take their business. A practice that will be hard to do for cash stricken businesses and individuals being hit hardest by the shutdowns. It will be easy picking for the rich who will be able to buy up the leftovers for near to nothing when it all collapses.

Furthermore, they can bring in draconian laws and totalitarian rules. They can do all this under the disguise of protecting us. And people are begging for it. With businesses and individuals already digging their own graves around the world. Stopping cash transactions and paving the way for governments to ban cash completely. Everyone will end up on government subsidies and payments. Which in effect is just a power grab. Once you are relying on the government for your weekly paycheck they can make anything mandatory. They will have completely enslaved you. That’s what’s happening here. The virus is just a means to get us to voluntarily give up our rights. Think about what happened after 9/11. Many laws were passed while fear was running rampant. None of those laws have been reversed. And the same will go here. Once our freedoms have been taken away we will never see them again.

The media is frontline in all of this. Reiterating that going out and just saying hello to your fellow humans might kill them. Just showing numbers that are rising and refusing to actually report on the real numbers and percentages as outlined above. On top of that, we are actually being lied to, as the 2 videos below show. People are being told their neighbor died of coronavirus when this is just not true. This is just an instance where someone was able to film and expose it. How many other deaths aren’t really deaths? Just like the two people who died in Australia who were already dying cancer patients but were sold as corona deaths to the public.

Just question it all when it comes to this virus. The grab is on. This is 9/11 2.0 and we are all being enslaved without us even knowing it.

You can read all the latest data from the Icelandic government here. For the purpose of this article, we used the data from 27 March 2020. Find all the articles and references used in this article on The Myth website’s COVID-19 page.

Stay healthy and safe! Question everything!

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  1. Gerry Mitchell

    Does Iceland have the same number (percentage per capita) of international travellers as Australia?
    Also I see no statistics for the UK


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