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Last week a story broke that shook the world. Well, it didn’t, but it should have made waves. The CDC, the Center for Disease Control, a body used by governments worldwide to justify their health policies had to concede in court that they did not have any proof of their claim that vaccines do not cause autism. Yes. You read that right they could not show any studies that show that they tested a bunch of vaccines on this issue and could not produce any proof to back their claim. A claim parroted by health authorities, government officials, politicians, scientists and medical professionals all over the world.

So you would think if evidence emerged of a cover-up which is affecting most areas in the world it would be some sort of news somewhere. Autism is an issue in many areas around the world and one that is growing disproportionately all over. A court case that shows that autism might have a reason we could fix is something that is newsworthy. A government agency trusted by the world’s leaders and governments caught out and being unable to produce evidence of claims. That would be something we should know about.

But we didn’t hear anything. The press release was completely ignored by the mainstream media and the only way for the people in the know to spread this very valuable information was through social media channels. And it spread. It was seen by over 800.000 in about a week.

You can read the ICAN press release here: https://www.icandecide.org/ican_press/cdc-concedes-in-federal-court-it-does-not-have-studies-to-support-its-claim-vaccines-do-not-cause-autism/

The health-conscious society who are active on social media started to share. They were angry that the CDC was making claims that can’t be backed by science. This was a rightful claim as the court case and the FOI request that started the court case were not met with the required evidence. The silence of the mainstream media showed that this story wasn’t be spread and that the pharmaceutical lobby didn’t want this story breaking to the masses. Vaccine hesitancy of the world population was already on the rise and this story would not help get people to take the next round of shots that are in the pipeline.

So Facebook stepped in. As can be seen in the image below the posts that mentioned or linked the ICAN release were marked as fake news. This allows Facebook to shadow ban posts. Flag pages and groups that show this information and ban people that share it.

Facebook claims it has fact-checking organization that is independent. So let’s start with that claim. The organization in question is called the International Fact-Checkers Network. An organization that is a subsidiary of the Poynter Institute. A press organization that claims to be independent but has some obvious conflicts of interest. Their list of funders (https://www.poynter.org/major-funders/) includes companies like Google, US Today, Newsweek, Washington Post and even the industrial giants Koch Brothers Industries who have waged war on formaldehyde being labeled poison. An ingredient still being used in vaccines today. The Poynter Institute’s partners are large media corporations like Valence Media, ESPN, and the NPR. The claim that they are an independent organization away from the mainstream media is therefor a claim that can be called false. Holding ~Facbook to the same standards they use on others. This post should have been labeled fake news based on that assumption. But there is more.

Facebook used the International Fact-Checkers Network to label the ICAN press release as fake news and issued the following statement to justify that claim.

The first claim made in this publication is the “key take away”.

A wide array of studies examining different vaccines, including the ones specified in ICAN’s lawsuit, demonstrate that there is no association between vaccines and autism.

Now if this was the case the CDC would have not had any problems to handover this “wide array of studies”. The fact is that the CDC did not hand over any relevant studies and was unable to show what is claimed in the above “key take away”. The publication continues to make the claim that vaccines do not cause autism and cited another “healthfeedback.org” article to “proof” this claim. This article can be found at the following link.


This article doesn’t prove anything. Nor does it show studies. It is just another big pharma spiel on how the science is settled without producing any real science to back up this claim.

The publication talks about some of the studies that were handed over in the court case. All 20 studies that were handed over in court don’t prove anything. This is thoroughly explained in the ICAN press release. These accusations aren’t addressed in the publication and the studies are just cited as truth without any fact-checking being done about the claims that these studies were scientifically fraudulent, incorrect or unclear in their outcome. Especially the claim by the CDC that these studies are their justification for their claim that vaccines do not cause autism.

They then bring on Dorit Reis as an expert on this matter. A professor of UC Berkeley. However, not a medical graduate. Dorit is law expert. A long-term advocate for the pharmaceutical industry and frontrunner for the draconian and fascist mandatory vaccination laws spreading around the world. Hardly an independent expert. But that’s what the article implies she is.

Dorit comes up with the analogy of horses being unicorns or becoming unicorns due to some horse feed and that testing can’t say that it does. A great point. However, she can’t make the claim that it doesn’t either. And this is the key. The CDC can not make a claim that explicitly states that vaccines do not cause autism if they do not have evidence of this. The issue is that there are many studies that do show causal and not so casual links between vaccines, vaccine ingredients, timing of the shots and the onset and diagnoses of autism. To ignore all that science and just run with one side can hardly be seen as sound scientific research.

Further, the article then goes on with a paragraph called “Scientist Feedback”. This is just another smear campaign on the Wakefield study in regard to the MMR vaccine. A study that was pulled from the Lancet medical journal after big pharma pushed for it to be retracted. The spiel doesn’t mention that Wakefield’s partners in this research have been exonerated from all wrongdoing and that this study never actually stated that vaccines cause autism. It just stated that the scientific world should look at the MMR vaccine as a possible issue. A fair and scientifically correct statement to make. As science should always eliminate any issues. That’s how science works. or should work. The biggest issue with this paragraph though is that it is completely irrelevant to this fact-checking article as the MMR vaccine wasn’t mentioned in the lawsuit or in the press release as being relevant to the claim ICAN makes.

The fact-checkers also forgot to mention a whole array of studies that do show casual or not so casual links between vaccines, vaccine adjuvants, and autism. There have even been numerous payouts in vaccine court in regard to autism. Showing that legally there is a case for the claim that vaccines cause autism and that legally it is impossible to deny this claim with any scientific research. If there was the claims would have been denied without prejudice.
This article (https://safeminds.org/press-release-archives/83-cases-of-autism-associated-with-childhood-vaccine-injury-compensated-in-federal-vaccine-court/) shows that there have been 83 cases which have been given compensation in vaccine court due to autism. You can read the PDF on The Myth website.

Further, there has been some amazing scientific research done on autistic brains, heavy metal and toxicity loads. The brain tissue and the links to vaccines being administered before the blood-brain-barrier is fully functional. Some of them are listed below.


This article below shows all the flaws in the rebuttal and refusal of studies that do show links between vaccines and autism.

The fact is that there is no complete undeniable proof either way. This would be hard to find and get. Although the CDC has the power and data to do a large scale vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study but is refusing to so. Probably because smaller versions of a study like this have shown that unvaccinated children have much better health outcomes than their vaccinated counterparts. Some of these studies can be found here. https://themyth.net/science/vaccine-science/vaxxed-vs-unvaxxed/

The CDC has shown that they do not value scientific processes. That they don’t work according to sound scientific standards. What they decided in this instance is that they just decide what is truth and what isn’t. They are the emperors of scientific outcomes and conclusions. They decide what studies are valid and which ones are not. And even worse they can make claims that affect the world without any scientific proof. They set the standard for science and decide what is necessary and what isn’t. Complete disregard of what science is or should stand for. That is what the CDC is showing to do here.

What has happened here is that proof is no longer valued scientifically. It’s all about what the CDC says. That’s science for you. The fact is that there is no conclusion either way. Which means that we can’t claim vaccines do cause autism. But it definitely means that claiming vaccines are safer and effective and do not cause autism is a scientific claim that can’t be made either. But when you proclaim online that vaccines cause autism you are labeled, banned, and treated as a criminal. When you proclaim the just so absurd claim of vaccines do not cause autism you are apparently scientifically correct. You are brought up in search results and are a valued member of the online health community.

It’s easy, more study is needed and calling the post from ICAN fake news is fake news. No proof is not scientific evidence! Any scientist with morals can see that something isn’t right here.

What we need is more study and what we definitely don’t need is the scientific community jumping to conclusions that are based on fake, manipulated and biased data. One thing indefinitely fake news and that is Facebook and the International Fact-Checking Network’s claim that ICAN’s press release is fake news.

Please share this story so Facebook can make a story about this article and label it fake news. Nothing would make me happier…


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