If there was a company out there that controlled a large part of your life. Which knew everything about you. And you didn’t even know what their name is… Wouldn’t you want to know which company?

Welcome to the wonderful world we live in.
Meet Serco. The company that knows it all without you knowing… 

In a democracy, we get an illusion handed to us. A myth. The myth of having a choice. We choose our government and those people will work in our best interest to get the best for us peasants. Does anyone out there honestly say they don’t see that this an illusion. That democracy is an illusion. 

Just look at the last decades and it is clear that it doesn’t matter who is in power anywhere in the world. We have an empire that rules. An empire that seems to be, to the untrained eye, ran by the United States of America. But look further and we can see that even the US is just a pawn in the game of world control that this empire is winning. The US is just the most powerful pawn on the board. If we talk chess. The US might be the queen. But even the queen’s moves are decided by the player and that is what we are looking at. 

They use many ways and means to get to their preferred outcomes. They own and control many bodies, commissions and think tanks that tell and advice governments around the world what to do and think. Examples of these are the United Nations, World Health organisation, World Economic Forum and many more. These groups make policies that are almost always taken on unilaterally by countries around the world. These groups aren’t working in our best interest though. They were created with only one goal in mind. Control. 

These groups are control mechanisms of our real rulers. The ones that control the presidents, parliaments, and people everywhere around the world. The corporations. The multinationals. The families who we don’t even know exist. These entities might be the same in some places around the world. For example. Saudi Arabia owns one of the largest oil companies in the world while also a government. But not a democratically elected government I might add. A family dynasty. A net of intertwined conflicts of interests. 

Democratic governments around the world are chosen by the people. Trusted by the people. But this trust is almost always broken. These governments sell out the country’s assets without any regard for what the future might bring. Let’s use water as an example. Water is being sold to industry and mining. Water is stockpiled and bottled and sold for ridiculous prices. While this water is being bottled from aquifers that aren’t owned by anyone. They are being sold. And what do you think the government does with the money?

The governments don’t want to have to deal with backlashes, dirt getting dug up and problems arising. So they spend the money on hiring companies to do their dirty work. All of it. From running basic need infrastructures like water, electricity, gas and public transport to roads and law enforcement tasks. They pay these companies handsomely and they are raking in the money. Because at the end no one is responsible for bad service in a large multinational corporation. Welcome to the as wonderful concept of privatisation. 

And this brings us to the largest company in the world you never heard of. The company that probably knows more about you than you ever thought anyone would know. And no it isn’t Google. This company is aiming to run your healthcare, public transport systems, law enforcement, taxation, prisons, private security and all government services they can get their hands on. They aren’t accountable and their owners are largely big institutional investors. Meaning that no one knows who owns this mammoth of government services. The perfect example of why privatisation is corruption and fraudulent. 

If there was a company that would hold all your medical data, financial data, personal data and that of your family. Would you want to know what would happen with that? Who was behind it? Who could access it? Would you want to make sure that law enforcement could not see your data without court orders as the law stipulates? Forget about all that because this company owns and runs it all. Why wouldn’t they use their treasure cove of data to screw you over? Sell you out where they can? They are after all just a capitalistic profit-driven multinational without any accountability anywhere. The perfect way for a corporate government to take over the world. 

Serco is this company a British company with over 500 government contracts worldwide in every corner of the world. A company fit for a James Bond movie. A company that stands for Services Company. And that’s what they do. They provide services for governments. 

In Australia, Serco was hired to take over the Centrelink call center in 2017. Since then they have moved into more and more of the Department of Health and Human Services. To the point where recently the name of the department was changed from the Department of Health and Human Services to Services Australia. It’s only a matter of time before we see SERCA. Services Company Australia. All government services privatised and monetised. Used for profit., That won’t cause an increase in prices at all. Anyone who believes that this is in the best interest of the people surely doesn’t have a brain cell left. 

This is the quiet corporate take over of our lives. This is the Evil Corp coming in to take what they believe is profitable and it is us. Our data, our lives, our habits, and our health. Get ready for this. Because this isn’t just Australia, the US or the UK. This is happening all over the world. And Serco seems to be the company running it all. Pushing it. Offering contracts to governments to low to decline. And then when the contract runs out and the governments have lost all their own infrastructure they charge them extreme amounts of money. And if they don’t pay they will take our data, our health and our lives as collateral. We are being sold and we don’t even know it.

I ask anyone to search online and look in the records. Find out who is behind Serco. The furthest I seem to come is that it is owned by 88% by institutional investors. This could be many different entities. From government agencies, banks, hedge funds, retirement funds or billionaires. A perfect way to hide who is behind this company. A company that according to its own numbers is very profitable. 

Recently it has surfaced that the CIA owned a Swiss company selling encryption devices. Devices that were sold from the neutral country of Switzerland to governments all over the world. Governments that were all being spied on by the real owners of this company. The CIA. What makes us think a deep state operation couldn’t be responsible for gathering data and government infrastructure like Serco is doing at this point. It would be a great plan to gather the control and data of everyone around the world. Using the trusted entity of government to fly under the radar. 

We are all just sellable assets for our governments. We are worth billions and we are being sold down the line. Our taxpayer money is being handed out to private corporations. The money made from selling off our assets is being handed to private corporations. We are being scammed and we are so brainwashed and dumbed down that we just let happen. No one understands or wants to do anything about it.

So what are we going to do to bust this myth of government being there for us? What are we going to do to show the people that we are being framed at every step in life? Those great ideas like medical care for all, education, income protection, social services, public transport and much more is just used to control us. To get us to walk in a line towards a corporate-controlled world. It’s time everyone starts reading 1984 and Animal Farm again. Because we are being led to the slaughterhouse. 


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