WHO Corruption – Half a century of lies and deceit. Recently it came to our attention that the World Health Organisation knew about the dangers of multiple-shot vaccines in 1972. Memos were being circulated which show that there were concerns. These memos show that the WHO was aware these multiple-dose vaccines could cause autoimmunity issues and immune system issues that could cause immune systems to stop working. 

For people that have been aware of the corruption in the health sector, this is probably no surprise. But even for the most diehard conspiracy theorist, these are explosive memos. They clearly show that there were massive concerns for vaccines back in 1972. And that there were many scientists and other academics that voiced concerns. All of these were obviously completely disregarded by the health sector ever since. The research was paid for by pharmaceutical companies that stated the vaccines were safe and the vaccines were administered by governments all over the world. Even mandated now. Silencing anyone who would dare to speak out about the dangers of vaccines. 

Could it be that the WHO has been aware of the dangers of vaccines for almost half a century? Almost 50 years of lies and deceit that probably have maimed and killed millions, tens of millions of children and adults. The greatest mass murder ever perpetrated. No doubt about that. 

Read the memos for yourself on The Myth website. Memo 1 on the immune system problems here and  Memo 2 on autoimmunity problems here. Or use the links below.

This video by MIT professor Shiva Ayyadurai will explain why these revelations in these memos are so explosive. The vaccine industry has used the outdated immune system science for 50 years and is still using it as of today. Stating that there is no evidence of anything that could change this “settled” science. The memos show without a doubt that the science wasn’t settled in 1972 and that the WHO knew about this. Selling a pharmaceutical product for almost 50 years that they call “safe and effective” when they knew that the science isn’t settled at all. If this isn’t a criminal; conspiracy I don’t know what is. It is actually worse. It is mass murder and manslaughter. 

In another instance of serious corruption, this memo from the late ’70s shows that the pharmaceutical industry has been actively hiding the dangers of vaccines for well over 40 years. It shows that the silencing of experts and hiding of evidence is nothing new and is not rare. The memo states clearly that due to too many babies in close proximity and time dying of SIDS  was causing issues. The memo therefore comes up with the solution to have batches of vaccines spread around states and countries. Therefore making it hard to get conclusive evidence that vaccines could cause SIDS. As the SIDS babies will be spread out over distance and time. This memo shows one thing for sure and that is that the health organizations responsible for our health and wellbeing are actively covering up issues within that system. They rather spread around lies and hide the fact that there might be bad batches of vaccines out there then start an investigation and make them safe. They are happy to have babies die of their product as long as they can cover their backs. That’s what this memo shows. Conspiracy or not, you decide. 

The World Health Organisation has been very influential around the world in creating health policies and working with governments on creating the “best health outcomes”. If there’s even doubt about the WHO being impartial that would create a massive problem and conflicts of interest in every health policy around the world. This study states that the WHO corruption is the biggest threat to the public health of our time. A massive claim but really not that far fetched. The above memos only add to that. 

It appears that the WHO is just a control mechanism of the pharmaceutical industry. A way to influence and dictate health policy in pretty much every country around the world. At the moment this is already very much out in the open. Just look at the push for mandatory vaccinations around the world. By the way, relatively mild diseases are being shown to be the biggest threat by media. Media which are all in the pocket of WHO. Because if you don’t walk the WHO-line you will get done. Doctors and scientists will be stripped of their credentials and dragged through the media as public health dangers. The media will have to do what they are told or they will be labeled fake-news. If you report on the corruption and fraud your channels will be removed or shadow-banned from every large online platform. Facebook, Google, and YouTube are all just propaganda machines for the pharmaceutical industry and their port of call the World Health Organization.  It’s all coordinated by the WHO. Go online and search for anything health-related and all you get is links approved by WHO. A completely corrupt organization. The corruption that kills and maims us. The corruption that keeps people sick and on medication. The system withholds information on such a scale it is almost unimaginable. But that is exactly what is going on. 

We are being killed by a conspiracy that is keeping us unhealthy, sick and medicated. A conspiracy coordinated by big pharma and the media. A conspiracy that has been going on for at least 50 years. And we wonder why we have rising cancer, heart problems, and other health issues. It isn’t rocket science people….

The Myth team is open to anyone that could give us more insight into what are the explosive parts of these memos. What is damning and what isn’t. Email us back or use the contact form to let us know anonymously what you think. 

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