BustMythCoin (BMC) is a token that will value the truth. Truth is hard to find in the world of today. Information is key and spreading truth is powerful. There’s value in spreading the truth! BMC gives value to people who value spreading information. Spreading truthful information. 
The media and corporations create their own truth. A reality created to maximize profits. A reality that has value because the corporations and individuals gaining from it are the ones spending into it. Why can’t we the people have a system where we the people value the real information? The real truth. A system that will create our own reality and give it value! Help Bust the Myth! By valuing and being part of BustMythCoin (BMC) !!

14.930.352 tokens were created as per the 36th tier of the Fibonacci sequence. The amount is also a universal number 9. This amount will never change. We will use the light and the power of the universal energies to take back our world. To take it back into the light!

Join us in the coin revolution and share with us the truth! So we can bust the myth of our society!

The Bust the Myth Coin aims to bring together our community. To start a large network of likeminded people who want to see a change to this world. BMC will be awarded for being awake. For spreading information and for creating a world with more light and less evil. If you know people that are awesome and do that work.

Sign up and get a referral code. Every time someone uses a referral code to sign up they will receive 306 BMC sign up and as a referral bonus, they will receive another 306 BMC on top of that! And you, the referrer, will receive 306 BMC for every person that uses your referral code!

Use the form below to sign up and get your initial BMC! Or email your wallet address to [email protected]

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