Atlantis in the dessert

Did researchers find Atlantis in the Mauritanian dessert?

Secrets of the Vatican

Is the Vatican hiding ancient civilisations?

Hidden secrets of Egypt and Peru

Find out about the hidden secrets and civilizations of Egypt and Peru.

Gobekli Tepe Exposed

Watch Josh Sigurdson travel around Gobekli Tepe and expose this ancient civilization. 

Annunaki and Nibiru Explained

A short video that explains the story of the Annunaki and Nibiru. The Annunaki are also known as our creator Gods. A story of war and betrayal with many links to our modern religions.

The Revelations of the Pyramids

There's more to the pyramids than what modern history tells us. This documentary dives into the mysteries around those forgotten uses.

Father Crespi and the Ancient Metallic Library

This is a lecture of J Golden Barton telling the story of his first-hand account of his time in South America seeing and being in the presence of the metallic library. An ancient treasure cove of documents that have since been denied to exist.

Secret Tunnels and Cities under the Egyptian Pyramids

Interview from WAN with Brien Foerster. Talking about the secret underground tunnel systems and cities that are situated under the pyramids of Egypt.

Secrets of an Ancient World - Victor's Flying Cart

This video shows the science behind the flying cart created by Victor Grebbennikov. An invention that will shock the world if we would be told more about it.




Why did the Vatican Delete Texts from the Bible in 1684

Tartary - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once

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Evidence of Advanced Civilizations living on Earth more than 100,000 years ago