Calling trump racist means you call Obama and Clinton racist too!

The media is quick to point out when Trump talks about illegal immigrants. They forget to mention other presidents used the exact same language.

Hillary Clinton hates Julian Assange

Hillary Clinton speaks open and publicly about Julian Assange and her hatred for him. Stating that he will pay for what he has done. Which let’s be clear is nothing more than reporting on war crimes.

ABC News hot mic reveals the British Royals Stopped the truth about Epstein coming out!

Amy Robach talks about how the British royals stopped her from reporting on Epstein and child sex crimes. And how the story was killed by the British Royals.

Geo-engineering - Heavy Metal Spraying is real!

An Australian weatherman admits on the evening news that the spraying on heavy metals in the sky is a regular occurrence. And is a military tactic.

MH17 - Shocking Footage

Is this proof that the Russians didn’t have anything to do with shooting? Or is it proof that the wrong plane was hit?

Bought Documentary

Bought Documentary – Health and Food Industry Collusion to keep us medicated!

Out of the Shadows - Exposing Hollywood's mind control agenda

This documentary is a brilliant expose of how and why Hollywood in coercion with the mainstream media has taken control of the minds of the population.

Banned from the Internet! - The Microsoft HoloLens2 Commercial with Marina Abramovic

This commercial was pretty much erased from online presence after Microsoft pulled this ad. Satanist and Pedogate implicated artist Marina Abramovic shows off her blood and gore. Is this Bill Gates telling us something?

PedoGate 2020 - PizzaGate was no conspiracy

This documentary goes back in time and shows some of what happened during Pizzagate. It shows that it is still going on and that the main people are still walking around freely. Pedophilia in the highest echelons of society is real!

The New Way Forward Act

The New Way Forward Act. This is the legislation quietly pushed through American congress., And if the Patriot Act showed anything it is that this will soon be legislated all over the world. Scary things are being done without us even knowing about it. Welcome to democracy!

Shoshana Zuboff on Surveillance Capitalism

Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff wrote a monumental book about the new economic order that is alarming. “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” reveals how the biggest tech companies deal with our data. How do we regain control of our data? What is surveillance capitalism?

Freemasonry - Tracking the Code

A documentary with a detailed and open view of the freemasons and their beliefs and traditions.

Nikola Tesla - Documentary of the Greatest Mind Ever

Nikola Tesla has achieved more than any other human in history. He has a hand in most of our modern-day inventions. He is also the most censored and ostracised inventor of our modern day.

The Revelations of the Pyramids

There's more to the pyramids than what modern history tells us. This documentary dives into the mysteries around those forgotten uses.

Things that don't add up about 9/11

This video is not the best video out there. But it does have footage that is hard to find online in there. About how planes just disappeared into buildings and the demolition explosions in the buildings before they collapse.

Grey Wolf - The Escape of Adolf Hitler

This documentary shows that Adolf Hitler and many other Nazi's were living happily ever after lives in Argentina. All with the help of the US government and the CIA.

The conversation with 1 million listeners between Brian Rose and David Icke

After Youtube banned London real this interview became the best listen to conversation ever! 

JFK to 9/11 - Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

Documentary going through history and showing how everything is planned and part of a larger plan that is just there to make the rich richer.

Police State Australia - Child ripped from mother for protesting by herself!

A mother protesting by herself was arrested for no apparent reason. The police refused to tell her what she had done wrong and ripped her child from her arms. It. is clear from this video that the police are not there to protect you! It is there to serve the corrupt forces in power!

The UK Establishment and Royal's Pedophile Connection

A documentary based on the acclaimed Out of Shadows documentary exposing the evil in our media and entertainment industry. Covering the issues arising in the UK.

PedoGate 2020 Documentary

A documentary that shows that Pizzagate is definitely not debunked! Google and YouTube are both massively implicated in the cover-up of pedophilia. If you don't want to know what evil looks like. Don't watch this video!

Boston PD Caught spreading bricks around for looters and rioters

In this confirmed video, it can be seen that the Boston PD is unloading bricks in an area prone to riots and looting. Showing that the police is complacent in the looting and rioting happening all over the USA.

Project Veritas Exposes ANTIFA

ANTIFA was nowhere to be found during the obviously totalitarian and fascist lockdowns. Are they a controlled entity? This video is clear that they are a violent, hate-inciting, organization!

Project Veritas Exposes ANTIFA - Part 2

In this video Project Veritas exposes the tactics of the NY ANTIFA. Showing their training and commitment to violence.

The United States of Distractions - Fighting the fake news invasion

This documentary by Project Censored and made by students shows the fake news epidemic and how we are all being lied to on a daily bases.

Project Veritas Exposes ANTIFA - Part 3 - The Redneck Revolt

Project Veritas third part of their series exposing ANTIFA. This video shows a group called Redneck Revolt. A violent club of gun owners who oppose everything from the government to the police.

Project Veritas exposes ANTIFA - Part 4 - Funding

In this episode of the expose ANTIFA series. Project Veritas exposes the links to George Soros and other rich liberal donors in the USA. Showing that these people don’t want the public to know they are funding ANTIFA, but they are!

Who and What is Behind the Gates Family - Deep State Exposed

Really Graceful does a great expose on the companies and people behind Bill Gates with clear ties and explanation. And what gets exposed is the Deep State.

Decoding Hollywood - The Most Powerful Mind Control Tool

Jay Dwyer goes deep into the occult and satanic roots of the Hollywood complex. Decoding Hollywood shows links with government agencies and departments.

New Cannibalism The Real Story Behind Blood Donations

A documentary exploring the depths and trenches of the corruption and evil that is associated with blood donations and charities.

Project Veritas exposes Facebook Illegal Hiring Policy

This Project Veritas video exposes a document that shows that Facebook is using illegal methods to hire people for their organization. And when found out they deny the whole thing.

Video footage of Moon Landing Showing it is Fake

Judge for yourself what to make of this but it appears this leaked footage shows someone or something faking the moon landing footage.

Project Veritas Exposes Facebook - Whistleblower exposes Shadow Ban practices

The people from Project Veritas expose Facebook in this video. A whistleblower reveals that Facebook actively supports the political left. Something denied by Mark Zuckerberg under oath in this video.

Project Veritas Exposes Bias at Facebook - Part 2

The second part of Project Veritas exposing the bias at Facebook has a new whistleblower and shows that Facebook is completely one-sided and that Mark Zuckerberg lied in front of congress.

TEDX Talks on the Normalisation and Embracing of Pedophilia

These ‘scholars’ talk openly about how pedophilia should be embraced and not be shamed. Pedophilia isn’t a sexual orientation. It’s illegal and immoral.

Isaac Kappy Names Names before he was found Dead

Isaac Kappy had an inside look into the pedophile, elitist, satanic world of Hollywood. It wasn’t long after this video appeared that he was found dead in what was presumed a suicide.