JFK Speech on Evil Elites

JFK drops the truth about an elite group of people ruling the world. It wasn’t long before he was shot in Dallas.

Revelations about 9/11 - NWO and more - Aaron Russo

Aaron Russo is a Hollywood Insider who speaks openly about 9/11, NWO and much more in this interview.

Banned from the Internet! - The Microsoft HoloLens2 Commercial with Marina Abramovic

This commercial was pretty much erased from online presence after Microsoft pulled this ad. Satanist and Pedogate implicated artist Marina Abramovic shows off her blood and gore. Is this Bill Gates telling us something?

PedoGate 2020 - PizzaGate was no conspiracy

This documentary goes back in time and shows some of what happened during Pizzagate. It shows that it is still going on and that the main people are still walking around freely. Pedophilia in the highest echelons of society is real!

Bill Gates Exposed Part 1 - Before Microsoft

Who was Bill Gates before Microsoft? Was he really the self-made man he says he is. Or was he from an influential family who created the right circumstances for him to take over the world of computer software?

Bill Gates Exposed Part 2 - The Health Tzar

Bill Gates is a software engineer but has incredible amounts of power around the world when it comes to health policies. Does he create a better future for billions or is he evil in disguise?

JFK to 9/11 - Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

Documentary going through history and showing how everything is planned and part of a larger plan that is just there to make the rich richer.

PedoGate 2020 Documentary

A documentary that shows that Pizzagate is definitely not debunked! Google and YouTube are both massively implicated in the cover-up of pedophilia. If you don't want to know what evil looks like. Don't watch this video!

Bill Gates' Ultimate Plan for World Domination

An extensive documentary explaining Bill Gates’ plans for world domination. His endeavors to take control of world health policy and governance and shows that he isn’t as philanthropic as he wants people to believe.

Rush to Judgment - 1966 Documentary on JFK Assassination

1966 Documentary on JFK Assassination with eye witness accounts and some information that completely blows the official narrative out of the water.

Who and What is Behind the Gates Family - Deep State Exposed

Really Graceful does a great expose on the companies and people behind Bill Gates with clear ties and explanation. And what gets exposed is the Deep State.

George Soros - Pure Greed and Evil

An old interview with George Soros that he wants no one to see. At the least, he looks a bit cold, out-of-touch, and inhuman in this interview.

The Hidden King Documentary

Say what you want about this story,. But it is interesting. Will this be our new King? Documentation, prophecies, and royal bloodlines are central in this fascinating tale.

Bill Gates admits that his philanthropic endeavours with vaccines are a for profit enterprise

In this video Bill gates proudly explains that his 10 billion dollar investment in the vaccine industry has gotten him a yield of about 20 times his initial investment. Admitting that he is not so much a philanthropist but more of a cutthroat businessman.













European Royals Hunting and Killing Children for Fun

The dark side of philanthropy

Snopes Exposed - A Democrat Left Front to alter Reality

Bill Gates' Efforts to Create Data World with Big Telecom

Who owns America? Ever heard of the CEDE Company?

The 13 Families of the Illuminati - CIA Document

The Payseur Family - Assets and History

Bill Gates - Philanthropist or Eugenist?

The New World Order Has Created Its First Capital City Headquarters In Astana Kazakhstan