Weird Flying Object over Cuba

This weird flying object was filmed over Cuba. I don’t know if it is real or not. Let me know what you think.

Woman Stalks Mars Rover on Mars

This is peculiar, to say the least. It appears a woman has come out of the ground on Mars and is pointing something in the direction of the Mars Rover. Is that a Martian dwelling there as well?

Mars Rover has UFO in sight

What is it? What we do know is that it something that we can’t explain flying near the Mars Rover on Mars!

The Pentagon confirms UFOs Are the Real Deal

The Pentagon and the US Navy confirm that they have video footage of real UFO’s. They call them Unidentified Aerial Phenomena!

UFO Alien Encounter by Dr. Jonathan Read

This is a video and witness testimony of the alien encounter of Dr. Jonathan Read. He claims that his dog was vapourised after encountering an alien.

1994 Interview with Andromedan contact, Alex Collier

Alec Collier claims to be a human contact for the Andromedan alien race. He talks about our past, present and future. He explains our spiritual journey and the different dimensions in the universe. He talks about the different races of ET’s. An interesting interview.

Lecture by Alex Collier in 2016 on ET Life and Politics

This lecture is an audio file. It talks about the different races, planets and fractions in the universe. What we need to do and how we can move on to a higher realm.

Weird Cloud Patterns Photographed by ISS and NASA

These weird cloud formations are fuel for conspiracies. They have been photographed over the Southern Atlantic by both the ISS as well as a NASA satellite.


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