Vaccine science is a completely polarised subject. You either 100%, without a doubt for vaccines. You think they are 100% safe and you think they are completely effective.

If you have any doubt about vaccines you will be labeled an “anti-vaxxer” in a heartbeat. Even though there’s ample evidence that shows that vaccine science is not to the gold standard of what science should be.

Follow the link below and see some of the science that doubts that vaccines are 100% safe and effective. Scientists who explain that the vaccine science is n’t all what  they say it is. That the science is based on outdated science and most important of all. That there is no liability for vaccine manufacturers. Even though vaccines are the main profit maker for pharmaceutical companies.

Follow the links below to see many studies on vaccines. Their efficiency, safety issues, and side effects.

Vaccine Videos

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai gives a detailed lesson into the workings of the modern immune system. It explains why the vaccine science is outdated and vaccine safety needs to be re-evaluated.Immunity concerns in regard to measles vaccination are being discussed on Australian...

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