The Dead Sea Scrolls // Ancient History Documentary

The  Dead Sea scrolls seems to give us a completely new and previously unheard look at the history of Western Civilisation 

Sumerian Tablets Anunnaki Film - Cities of the Nephilim

What knowledge lies in our ancient past? A team of renowned scholars has come together to go beyond the surface-level myths, artifacts, and mysteries found in ancient texts and lost cities from around the world. Journey to decipher the code scattered throughout ancient civilizations.

ATLANTIS. The Elite in Search of Immortality

Atlantis. THE ELITE IN SEARCH OF IMMORTALITY is a video that was shown within the programme “From an Atheist to Holiness” on Allatra TV.

Secrets of the Vatican

Is the Vatican hiding ancient civilisations?

Atlantis in the dessert

Did researchers find Atlantis in the Mauritanian dessert?

Annunaki and Nibiru Explained

A short video that explains the story of the Annunaki and Nibiru. The Annunaki are also known as our creator Gods. A story of war and betrayal with many links to our modern religions.

Hidden secrets of Egypt and Peru

Find out about the hidden secrets and civilizations of Egypt and Peru.

Gobekli Tepe Exposed

Watch Josh Sigurdson travel around Gobekli Tepe and expose this ancient civilization.