This is why vaccines don't work! The immune System Explained

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai gives a detailed lesson into the workings of the modern immune system. It explains why the vaccine science is outdated and vaccine safety needs to be re-evaluated.

Australian Mainstream Media admits MMR Immunity Concerns

Immunity concerns in regard to measles vaccination are being discussed on Australian mainstream news.

Dr Shaw explains issues with heavy metals in vaccines

Dr. Shaw explains the dangers of toxic heavy metal build up in the body.

1982 Documentary about DPT - Vaccine Roulette

When mainstream news was still allowed to show the dark side of pharmaceuticals. Documentary from 1982 about the massive issues and problems surrounding the DPT vaccination.

Vaxxed - From Cover Up to Catastrophe

The award winning and controversial documentary that shows the fraud and corruption going on around vaccines and especially the MMR vaccination and autism.

Dr. Plotkin - Godfather of vaccines speaks out about aborted fetal cells

The godfather of vaccines, Dr. Plotkin testifies about aborted fetal cells in vaccines.

Fauci Lies under oath about vaccine risks

Anthony Fauci is caught out lying under oath! 

Lockdown - This is what it is all about!

Bill Gates admits what the lockdown is all about! It’s not about protecting people from COVID-19. It is all about making sure we all need a vaccine in the future!

Jill Hennessy is caught out spreading hate and lies about 'anti-vaxxers'

Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy is caught out lying, spreading fear and hate about the anti-vax community. 

Ann Koehler (SA Health Official) and Microbiologist admits Pertussis Vaccine does not work

Anne Koehler is clear about the science around the pertussis vaccine. And it is clear that she can’t say it works!

PROOF - UN and WHO - They don't know vaccines are safe

At the 2019 Health Safety Summit, it becomes clear that the UN and the WHO know very well that vaccines are not safe!

Bill Gates admits Vaccines are a depopulation Tool

Know what you are being sold and by who!

The CDC is a Vaccine Manufacturer

Robert Kenndy Jr. explains that the CDC isn’t a regulatory body. They have conflict of interest and are a manufacturer of vaccines. 

Simpsonwood Meeting - How It's known since 1999 that Vaccines Cause Autism

RFK JR. Explains that it has been known since 1999 that vaccines cause autism. How babies who receive the HepB vaccine on the day of birth have an 1135% increased risk of autism!

WHO and UN admit doctors don't get trained about vaccines

At the UN/WHO Health Safety Summit 2019 it becomes clear that doctors aren’t trained or taught about vaccines at all!

Australian politician receives FAKE flu vaccine on live television

Fake news alert! Fake flu jab is given to Queensland politician on live television. Why can’t they take what they say everyone should have?

A Shot in the Dark - Vaccines murder and damage!

Documentary from 2019 about the truth of vaccinations. Do you believe in the science of money or do you believe in real science? 

Flu Vaccine not working - People dying after getting the shot!

Australian mainstream media has to admit that the flu vaccine doesn’t work and that thousands are getting the flu after receiving the shot. Some even die.

RFK Jr. on Bill Gates' Hidden Agenda

Bill Gates has a hidden agenda when it comes to his world-saving tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic. Robert Kennedy Jr. explains it in this video.

The COVID Vaccine - Disaster waiting to happen

The COVID vaccine is a disaster waiting to happen. The science is clear. Never ever has a corona vaccine worked. The flu vaccine doesn't work. We have to come to terms that a vaccine is going to end disastrously. 

Bill Gates is EVIL. Listen to him talking about vaccination!

Bill Gates shows his evil side when he talks about injecting GMO chemicals into children!

CIA gets briefed on Fundamental Religion Vaccine

This video shows how the CIA was looking into stopping religious fundamentalism by vaccination. It shows that vaccinations are used in many more ways than just the disease narrative.

Vaxxed 2 - The People's Truth

The second part of the Vaxxed Documentary is where the parents and first-hand victims of vaccines get to say what happened to them.

Zuckerberg Gets Questioned and caught out on Vaccine Bias

Video of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg trying to explain why Facebook is censoring some vaccine information. He is left without rebuke and is caught out being biased and corrupted.

Dr. Rashid Buttar explains why we are watching the WHO commit crimes against humanity

The WHO needs a marketing campaign to ‘sell’ their health policies to the doctors and scientists around the world. Dr. Rashidf Buttar explains why the WHO is committing the biggest crime ever committed in human history!

Paediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky states Unvaccinated Children are Healthier then Vaccinated

Paediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is a New York doctor with years of experience treating children in Manhattan and Long Island. His experience shows that unvaccinated children are far more healthy than unvaccinated children.