By Bernie Smith
22 July 2016

Democracy only works when there is balance. Balance can shift from right to left, but there has to be a balance. On the full spectrum of politics there needs to be a balance. For every far right party there needs to be a far left one to balance it out. A centre right needs a centre left and so on. This will ensure that people have a choice when it comes to voting.

This election Pauline Hanson and One Nation became a large winner and took a bunch of senate seats. Many people hate her views and racist rants she throws out at times. There is a lot to say about her views and I don’t agree at all with most of her views. However her ideals have never changed. She is still who she was 20 years ago. Her rhetoric and stances are all pretty much the same. And in our political landscape this is something to admire. Not many politicians stay by their views and remain true to what they believe in.

On the other side we have the Australian Greens party. The Australian Greens did the opposite. They sold out. They tried to become a mainstream party and in effect have abolished the left side of politics. The Greens were supposed to be the balance to the right wing parties that get the votes on the other side of the spectrum. When the Australian Greens came out in support of GMO and attacked natural medicine they showed that they aren’t truly green anymore.

The historical definition of a green party is based around environmentalism, social justice and nonviolence. Where is the consideration of environment when Dr. DiNatale came out in support of GMO crops. Cross contamination and health related problems are problems that will cause damage to Australia if allowed. Even if you, like DiNatale, believe that GMO food is safe. You still need to consider that the science is not settled and there are some very disturbing studies in regards to the pesticides and chemicals used to grow these crops. Cross contamination might create an Australia where organic, natural crops seize to exist. Is this a policy that one would expect from a green party?

What did the Greens think when they attacked natural medicine and voted for mandatory vaccinations? Did they not think this might take away from people’s choices and rights. Did they not believe that freedom of medical treatment and choice is something that might be linked to social justice? The Greens sold out their core beliefs and by doing so created a vacuum in

Australian politics. They created a political left that is made up of micro parties that will never be able to stand up to the strong right.

By completely selling out their core beliefs the Greens have not given votes to the right. I don’t think Green voters ran to Pauline Hanson and gave her their vote. However by DiNatale’s push to become a mainstream party and play with the big boys has effectively abolish the left of Australian politics. A corner that was occupied by them for years. The Greens had a duty to remain that left party to counter the push from the right.

But The Greens chose to become a mainstream party and they left the vacuum. They left the left empty. Now we don’t have a left in Australia. In the upper and lower house the left is massively under represented. This will show when it comes to Australia’s environmental, refugee and social policies. The right will push and will get much more then they deserve.

The Greens have shown their real face. And the colour is a murky, rotten green. Not the green we would like to see in our environment. It’s time for a truly left wing party to fill the vacuum and become the choice for people that do care about social justice, environment and natural remedies, medication and choice. Australia needs to fill the vacuum and by doing so get rid of the greens altogether.


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