20160126-Awake The Beast to Fight the Beast

By Bernie Smith
27 January 2016

We are dealing with a beast. A big ugly and destructive beast. A beast that is killing our freedoms, our way of life and tries to make us all slaves in their version of the world. This beast has many different faces and many different sides. It has its paws in everything that makes money and tries and controls everything to its advantage.

One of the biggest problems we face nowadays is trying to explain to the masses that we are dealing with this big hungry, evil beast. We need to explain that everything we do in life and everything we buy is controlled by this beast. The beast is connected through everything. The beast has its paws in the banks, corporations, government, health care, education, food, transportation, manufacturing, technology and media. And probably a lot more. The beast controls us through all this. The beast controls all of us through all this.

The beast is not stupid. It has created a system that works for them without it being blatantly obvious. The beast uses many people to keep the system going. The beast has created a pyramid scheme. A scheme on a global level with every single person on this earth being a player in it. Once you are born you are enrolled and for the rest of your life you are trying to make your way up to the top of the pyramid.

This pyramid is made up many different layers. With the bottom half being the billions of people living in the third world. Even the stages above this are still poor people. And it is only when you get to the top 20% of the world where people become a bit more comfortable with money. However these people live in the richer areas of the world and their bills and costs are high. They still need to budget to get by and still struggle. It really is only the tip of the tip of the tip of the tip that might be able to really benefit form this scheme. Because like all pyramid schemes it is only the very few people on the very top of the pyramid really benefitting.

The scheme is setup so that every aspect of your life is made to get your money from you. Health care is no longer a system of creating cures and keeping people healthy. Health care is a system of medication and managing disease. Because there is no money in curing. There is money in keeping us reliant on medication however.

The education system is no longer about letting people discover. Education is a must You can’t get a job without. It changes your way of thinking and creates the kind of slave humans they like to see. Education cost money and you spent most of your career paying of your student debt. Education. It’s no longer about embracing the most important part of humanity. Our ability to grow and find better ways. We have given up on our most important aspects. We have given up on progress and nature. We have left the natural process behind and the system has taken over. A system of manufactured and genetically and chemically altered processes has taken over our natural ways. We have lost our link with our planet.

The beast has created this so we are to weak to stand up to its power. We are all made to believe that we live in this awesome world where we should be thankful for the progress that has been made, What if this is all an illusion. What if everything we have been told are lies and fabricated stories to get us into a mindset where we are controllable.

The beast has created vaccines and taken away our ability to build natural immunity. Diseases are mutating and the only ones actually profiting from this are the companies manufacturing these vaccines. The beast has created the system where we work for most of our lives just to pay for something that should be ours anyway. Why do we have to pay for a house and food. Why is this not a right. A basic human right. The beast has created scarcity to make us believe we have to be good and fight and work for what we need. The beast has killed the food supply by genetically modifying our crops. It has killed off many of our organisms because they aren’t good for mass production.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m part of this as well. I’m well entrenched in the system. I work to fund my lifestyle and I stress about money because I want the best for my family. However I believe that there is a better way. I believe we can fight the beast and we can defeat it. The beast is afraid of us. The beast should be afraid of us, because without us supporting its system, the beast will be dead. Without the people feeding the pyramid from the bottom up, the beast will die off. The beast will starve and its system will dry out.

I fear that if we don’t do something now. It might be too late. I fear that with the powers the beast has to take control it will be harder and harder in the future to fight it. I fear that the beast has taken control over so many aspects of our society it is only a matter of time before we the people that see the truth are labelled as mentally ill. Labelled and put away. Out of sight, out of mind. They have the system to do this as they own media, health and government. They don’t have to go far to get rid of us and we should be aware. We should be getting ready to fight and fight so that we can wake up the masses. Wake them up before the media manipulation has gotten a complete hold of them. Wake them up before everyone is happily enslaved. We need to show them there is another way. We can do this better and we don’t need the beast to tell us what to do.

We need to return to the natural ways. Return to the laws of the earth and universe. Real science. Not the one that is made up to make money.

Stand up and fight. We need to wake the beast in us to fight the beast that controls us.


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