By Bernie Smith
16 April 2016

The controversy around Vaxxed has shown us a rare glimpse into the backrooms of our masters and controllers. They are so afraid of this film that they lost their cool and opened up their curtains and showed the world their tactics. May be they didn’t lose their cool. May be they are just so fucking blatant that they don’t care anymore. May be they think they control us already.

After Robert De Niro stated that he was going to show Vaxxed at the Tribeca Film Festival the onslaught that came was unbelievable. Within the hour stories were out on mainstream media websites stating that this film was a threat to public health and would create a false reality. It was unbelievable to see how every main news website in the West wrote about this within hours. Not about the actual film. About the reasons not play this film. It was an onslaught. Coordinated and delivered to millions, may be even billions through their media networks.

The coordinated attack on this movie has shown how the media is in the hands of corporations and how their agenda is what rules the news. Journalism is supposed to ask questions. Report about allegations and tell the world about misconduct. This is why there is no reason for real journalists not to report on the real story of Vaxxed. The story of CDC whistleblower, William Thompson is by any means a newsworthy story. it’s not up to the media to decide if this story is true or not. The fact that the documents he handed to the US congress have been found valid is more than enough for the press to get to the bottom of this. But instead they deny the existence. Refuse to report on Thompson and the CDC fraud on any scale that could cause damage to the vaccine manufactures.

The media has forgotten its place in our society and has become an integral part of the corporate system that has ruled us for decades. Honest, fair and truthful journalism is not something we can expect from our mainstream media anymore. I think that most people would agree that Watergate wouldn’t have happened in this day and age.

Again though. This film has lifted the curtains on the backroom ways of our elites. It has shown the strings they will pull to keep their status quo and get their way. If they could be s blatantly putting the integrity of the press on the line for this. Imagine what else we could have been lied about. Ask yourself what else we think is true might not be. We know that the media did the same thing during the start of the Iraq war. We have seen the proof. But no one was ever held accountable,

This time though it’s about the health of our children. About a cover up that shows that vaccine are not safe. About a cover up that shows that they don’t care about their safety. This time it’s about the future of humanity. And the mainstream media pretends it’s all fine.

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  1. Janis Millar

    My eyes were opened with my own experience. Vaccines are the biggest scam of the century – they lie has been told enough now if you dispute it you will be silenced one way or another


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