Written by Ollie

The world is not what it seems. Well, maybe I should say. The world is not what we are being told. And I’m not talking about the world being flat. That “conspiracy” was created to shit on anyone that has a true conspiracy. One so outlandish that if people could believe that, the will believe anything. That they could put any conspiracy to the side by saying: “You probably believe in flat earth too then?”

I flew from Sydney to Johannesburg and that flight in itself would not be possible in a flat earth model. The southern hemisphere would be too spread out if the North Pole was the center of a flat earth. So let’s not entertain that idea. I feel that this one is a concept for people who want to believe that we are special. The center of something important.

Maybe we are though. We could be a little ball flying through space. You see people say how can we move with that speed? Well, speed is something we created on earth. There might not be the concept of speed and time in the universe. It could just be that us moving is just stationary in the larger scheme of it all.

What if we are a small part of something larger., What if our universe is nothing more then a spec, an atom in a body of something that lives somewhere else? In theory, we could be an atom in anyone of us. Or an elephant. Or to make it really interesting. An atom inside algae.

Look flat earth just isn’t true. I don’t know what it is. But I know that the world must be round. Because I can’t see to figure out how else I could be flying around the world in the ways I have done. It’s just the way it is for me. Not attacking anyone’s views here. Just stating my view.

The problem we have is that there are so many real conspiracies that are out there. Ones like the vaccine scam which are killing people and children. Maiming away without any consequences. The war machine killing people in countries with poor people and no real ways of getting out of it. All because they have oil. or as some conspiracist claim because of the historical value of the areas.

Let’s just focus on the real crap out there. The people losing their rights. Losing their freedoms. Our money being stolen to enrich companies that supply weapons. Our health systems working to keep us sick so money can be made. Science being used by corporations to justify things that are bad for us and the list goes on.

Let’s focus on the fact that we don’t really have democracy. Because if we did we wouldn’t be raging wars in many countries for the benefit of a few. Media manipulation and control is another way we are being enslaved without even knowing it. Just like our money system that only creates money with debt attached. And where does the interest go at the end of the line? You tell me. I haven’t figured it out yet.

Yeah. So many conspiracies out there. And although I will never claim to know something is 100% not true. The flat earth theory is too far fetched for me. The practical side of it doesn’t seem to way up for me. Why have this elaborate lie and all these great stories about what the world isn’t? The machine that would have to keep this lie afloat is massive. Someone would have talked by now. The benefits of us thinking we are speck or not are not weighing up to the effort that it would take to keep this up.

So I’m sorry for anyone that does believe in this theory. I don’t say you are crazy. I have seen enough to know that I can’t say 100% what’s happening. But I don’t believe we are a flat or dome earth. We are a speck in a sea of specks in another sea of specks.

My theory is that our universe is just an atom. That out wormholes are ways to other atoms. That we are living infinite see of atoms. That we might be living in ourselves or in some inimaginable large being. Or maybe not. Because maybe all our concepts of size, distance, time, speed and volume are just that. Concepts that only work in our minds. Maybe those things don’t really exist.

Who knows what we are. But I do know one thing. I love fantasizing and theorizing about all this…


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