20160925-HATE – How the elite are winning the war on our minds

By Bernie Smith
25 September 2016

To divide and conquer. The way to take a land. To take their people. When you divide you make people look at each other. You will not be focussed at what is really going on. And this is what is happening all around us. It saddens me that so many people who are switched on. Who look at our world and see the deceit and the lies. That these people fall for the bullshit. Fall for the tactics and are spreading hate. How is it that these people can still fall for the oldest trick in the book.

All these people are falling for it. They set us up and people need to understand that we are living in a world where we need to come together. If we all come together we can fight the evil away. They wouldn’t stand a chance. The ruling elite needs war to survive. They need fear to push their agenda. They need us to be divided to rule us.

So many of us are falling for it. Even within the alternative media. They spread the hatred. The anti-muslim rhetoric. It’s us against them. They are coming to take over our country. Terrorists who want to kill our wives and children. Terrorists who want to destroy our ways of life.

We talk about islam and muslims like it is all the same. Imagine we did that with christians. Imagine we start holding every christian accountable for the deeds of a few bad apples. Would all of them be labeled the same as the bigoted Westborough Baptist church members? But we don’t. We understand that there are many different kinds of christianity and we understand that we can’t hold everyone responsible for the actions of a few.

How is it then that we can do this when it comes to 1.5 billions muslims. Is it because the koran says some gruesome shit. Well the old testament does too. Is it because they treat some people like women and gays badly. Well there are some christian countries in Africa that do that too.

It seems to me that people that people who follow the hatred are being brainwashed. They are listening to the media and believing it all. They believe the bias reports about women getting abused and they are. But does this reflect on all muslims? Does this mean that we should be writing off 1.5 billion people. I don’t think so.

The fact that we are all on mass following this hatred is a scary thing. It shows that even the most switched on people. People that don’t believe the media most of the time will still believe the media when it comes to hatred. Why is it that figures in the truth movement can talk about the media spreading lies constantly but don’t understand the agenda when they are trying to create a divide in our community. The media will label muslims as muslims or their Muslim country of origin without a doubt. However they will never write anglo-saxon. They imply that a lot of crimes are committed by islamic youths by using terms like “gang-like”. Then they will write about a gang that is majority muslim. Although this might not be true either and the reader or viewer will walk away thinking it was a muslim committing the crime.

We need to stop letting the elite divide us. We need to come together. Only together we will be able to stop this evil. And when we stop the evil on the top we can stop the evil down low too. As long as we live in a corrupt, money driven society. There will never be a chance to fix things for the better. There will always be something worse around the corner.

Wake up people. Stop the hatred. Stop the fear. We can beat the system. And our weapon is love and respect!!!


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