I want to start this post by saying that I hope I’m completely wrong. That everything I say in his article is based on nothing and that the opposite will happen. I want all the followers of Q to comment on this post and tell me how wrong I was for writing this post. Because if I’m right we are doomed. The world is doomed.

What is Q? It has been a German term from the early 1900s in which Q is derived from the German word ‘Quelle’, which means source. In those days Q was all about preaching the truth about Jesus. Q was a gospel. A remnant of oral traditions that were left out of the bible. But that isn’t the Q we are talking about here. What we are talking about here is Q-anon.

According to Wikipedia, Q-anon is a “far-right conspiracy theory”. A person or a group of people fighting against the deep state ploy to undermine President Donald Trump and his efforts to take down the deep state. The first post was recorded in October 2017 on 4Chan and since then it has taken on a life of its own. Q writes posts in a cryptic way and it appears that many of his posts do have some truth around them. With many of his messages being prolific and showing some sort of insider information in the White House and other government agencies.

What or who Q is or are remains questionable and the fuel for many debates. But that Q is not some random person sitting behind a computer seems to be proven. His posts are too prolific and have been right about certain larger events that have happened over the years for it not to have some insider path in the Trump administration and echelons of government. But does this mean that Q is attacking the Cabal? Doe this mean ‘The Great Awakening’ or ‘The Storm’ is coming? Or could it all be a well thought out plan for the cabal and the elite to win a massive battle in taking over the world?

According to Travis View, a journalist for the Washington Post, who did extensive research into the Q phenomenon, Q is the following:

“The conspiracy theory is that there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, and they cover up their existence, essentially. And they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump.”

Most of this a mainstream lie. Because most of us will know, the cabal of satan-worshiping pedophiles is real. That part is not at all a conspiracy theory. And the term conspiracy theory was brought into life to stop all the questions raised around the Kennedy assassination. The ‘Cabal’ is very real and they have their tentacles controlling large aspects of our lives. Hollywood, the media, politicians, and multinational corporations are all part of this ‘Cabal’. That is not up for debate. What is the part that’s up for debate is if President Trump is going to save us all or not? And if Q is an entity controlled by the good side.

So many of the Trump supporters blindly follow Trump. Defending his every move even though he hasn’t really done anything he said he would do in his campaign speeches. If anything it’s pretty clear after his first term is almost done that he has mostly followed the path of predecessors. The path of the globalist elite who are moving towards a one-world ruled government. Like Obama before him, he just seems another president who once elected is just running with the plan.

Trump supporters will say, but the media attacks him constantly and that shows he is doing the right thing. And I agree the media attacking him does give him credibility. But we have to start giving more credit to the evil side here. For them this is a longterm plan. A plan probably decades in the making. And the planned-demic of COVID-19 that we see today is the cherry on the cake. Their masterpiece in taking another larger chuck of control without most of the population even knowing or questioning what is happening.

I won’t go into detail what the planned-demic is about. Most of the people reading this post will already understand that it is about taking control of our lives on a personal level. It’s about controlling our financial status, social status, personal lives and who we spend time with. Social credit scores, UBI’s and many more concepts that could be great if used for the right reasons, but which will be used to control our lives and thus our actions into the foreseeable future. If you want you can read more about how COVID-19 is an extension of 9/11 here.

What I do want to explain in this article is that this is a well thought out plan. And the globalist elites who are behind this evil takeover aren’t stupid. Quite the opposite actually. They have a lot of very smart people working out their plans decades in advance. To underestimate them would be a great mistake. And this is why I don’t believe Q is real.

Because they would have understood that what is happening today with COVID-19 was going to create a massive pushback. The patriots of the world weren’t going to like what they are doing and the backlash could be severe. Especially in some areas of the US where groups of conservative, patriots have lots of guns and might push back to a martial law situation where people are forcibly made to stay inside.

How would you control this issue? A great plan would be to bring a controlled opposition movement. A movement that is being told that what is happening today is for the actual good of the people. We need to all stay inside and remain quiet, because we are watching the pedophiles getting arrested. We need to all remain quiet and wait for the ‘three days of darkness’ so that we can move into a new era. It’s the perfect plan to keep a large part of the opposition quiet until it is too late. Once they realize that we aren’t seeing mass arrests, we aren’t seeing the globalist elites being rounded up, it will be too late. We will be firmly in the grip of the ‘Cabal’ and anyone kicking up a storm by then will be shot or taken to a concentration camp. That would be the worst-case scenario, but I don’t think it is far-fetched either.

Q is just too perfect for the global elite. It’s the perfect story to create hope for the people who understand what’s happening to keep going and sit back and let ‘the plan’ take place. Trust the plan, Q says. What plans is that? The plan to not lose their minds and start becoming a problem for the evil globalist plan to get to go where it needs to go?

It’s also easily managed from the other side. Because the mainstream media has put the Q theories away as conspiracy theories from the start it’s easy to debunk anything coming out in the media and keep the plebs on board and following the narrative. Q is the perfect controlled opposition for the Bil Gates’ of this world to do what needs to happen according to their plan!

And I will end like I started. I hope I’m wrong. I want to be wrong. I want us to move into the light, into the age of Aquarius and create a brand new world of respect and love. A world where a few won’t have it all, but where everyone has plenty. But I don’t see any real evidence of mass arrests, no real evidence of children being rescued and of Q drops being verified with real evidence. I would be so happy if someone could proof me wrong on this!

But I have to write this article because I see too many of us that see what is really happening being quiet. Waiting for ‘The Storm’ while our freedoms are disappearing like water on a hot day in the desert. We don’t know what is really happening with COVID-19. We don’t know all the facts around the Q drops and we don’t know if Trump is a globalist piece of shit or the saviour of humanity. What we do know is that our freedoms are being taken away and that freedoms that are taken away never ever just come back! And I don’t believe that we have to lose our freedoms to move past these dark times. Freedoms aren’t something you give up to get more free. We are doing this wrong. We need to start standing up. Fuck trusting a plan that involves losing our freedoms!

Hopefully, this post will have many people commenting on how stupid I was writing this very soon….. Because if I’m right we are fast on our way to one of the world’s and humanity’s darkest times.

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  1. Faith Restored

    I have wondered the same thing. I have been attacked for supporting Trump, questioning Trump, questioning Q, and not supporting the rioters. It’s all very crazy. I do know this, people are very different behind closed doors. In ways that people couldn’t imagine, or want to believe. I question all of it.


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