Written by Bernie Smith
25 January 2016

The world is a fucked up place. I know that and I hope and think many more of us do as well. I believe that everyday more and more people cross the line and see a bit of the truth. Once you are on the other side the magnitude of this problem becomes clear. The magnitude of how much we are being lied to and are being enslaved is astronomical. I see people I know that start to research and start to become awakened by the immense mountain of information that is out there. Then there are the people that start to see the light and realise that their world isn’t what they thought it was. They deal with this by sticking their heads in the sand. They reject all the information out there and live their lives as nothing has happened.

Being a conspiracy theorist or realist as I like to call myself. Is not easy. People give you the look and i have learned over the years to keep my opinion on many events and policies to myself. Fortunately over the years I have met a great group of people that do know how fucked up the world is. It’s with these people I can talk and discuss these topics and create clarity and order to them.

I must admit it’s hard for me not to get angry with deniers. I have pushed many of my friends away with my “radical” views. I admit this is mostly because I can’t deal with people that close their eyes to the problems this world is faced with. I can’t have a decent conversation with someone that even after showing him mountains of evidence is still convinced because the mainstream news is telling him otherwise. I can’t deal with this because I believe that we wouldn’t live in this world if it wasn’t for those people. If people were actually opening their eyes and asking questions, like many of us are. What would be the outcome. Would the hunters become the hunted if billions of us started to ask the same questions. Ask these questions and don’t take the stories fed by us like butter. Ask more questions until the truth comes along.

People ask me. Do you believe in reptiles and martians and all those things as well. Do you believe in the Illuminati? I’ll start to say I don’t know what to believe. What I do know now after years and years of being a conspiracy realist. Is that nothing can just be written off. I have learned though to not start with these theories. I have started to let people research the easier ones. The ones that are easy to verify and easy to believe with a bit of research. I’ll give you some examples.

The second world war was a terrible time. The Nazi’s were beasts slaughtering their way through Europe. We know that and we think that the USA and their allies saved us from this great threat. Well in a way they did. But they did for their own gain. The allies helped tens of thousands of Nazi flee post war Europe and settle in the mountains of Argentina, Paraguay and Chile. In the last decades so much evidence has been uncovered about the aftermath of WW2 and the lies that were told. Grey Wolf a documentary and book by Gerard Williams gives great clarity about all these events. Williams shows through well documented sources the escape of Hitler, the cover up by the USA and their allies and the financial gain these Nazi’s made out of the war. Many multinational should have been punished for their roles in the WW2 but instead they are allowed to keep their profits and maintain their good name. Gerard Williams started this project while he was researching something completely different in Argentina. He was well renowned mainstream Reuters journalist, who thought it would be a funny joke to research this. What has happened since then has turned his life around.

I’m getting off topic though. Grey Wolf gives a lot of evidence on how the allies lied about everything and everyone after WW2. It shows that WW2 was just about money and control of Europe. After watching that documentary and checking some sources Williams uses you can’t see it any other way. Now knowing that they lied about an event like the death of Hitler. Knowingly lying to the public in the late 1940’s and maintaining this lie til the present day. How can we trust anything that the media and government has told us since then. Obviously 9-11 is an event full of holes and many people including many non-conspiracy theorist don’t believe the official story. Bilderberg, banking cartels and pharmaceutical companies are the easy targets. May of these corporations have admitted to fraud and deceit. The information is out there. Vaccines and their safety is another one that once people start doing research is hard to believe is something that is helping our health. Food and their connection to our health. The triangle of bad food, needing more health care and the banks financing this for their own gain. As beautifully shown in the documentary Bought. These are all facts that are so easily proven by just doing a bit of research. We are all financially enslaved. But we have been so indoctrinated that we rather think about how we are going to get that better car than to see how we are all playing the game of the people in the tip of the tip of the pyramid,

We can’t start with martians and aliens. Millenia old civilisations and reptiles. These are the theories that people will use to debunk them all. “Ooh, that’s jus a conspiracy.” Seasoned realists might look at these theories and go. “Well, after what I know now. I don’t know… It might be true.” And I’m probably one of them. But when you are talking to an expecting mum about vaccine safety. Don’t mention the nano bots. Don’t even mention autism. Just mention the billions that have been paid over the years for vaccine damage. Mention the countless stories of people that were left with dead or disabled children after receiving vaccines. These are the stories that might change her mind. And after she is on the other side she will find out for herself how big this problem is.

We need to look at our inner health. The natural beings that we are and live our lives in that way. Naturally and away from all these distractions. We are taught in schools how to think. How to behave and how to deal with hierarchy. We are taught to become silent, braindead people. Even our brightest of humans are suppressed into a way of thinking. We shouldn’t be taught how to think. We should be taught to think. To use our brains in every means possible. We should leave kids to become themselves in an environment where they are able to learn everything they want. But they are also able to do it in their own ways. I’m positive that if this would become the norm. We would make immense progress in our evolution. No progress has ever come from people being stuck in a school or office for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Progress. Real progress comes from free thinkers. The ones that took on the conventional thoughts.

I don’t know the truth about a lot of suspicious events and policies. I just know that the story being told isn’t true. There are far more compelling stories out there that make a lot more sense. Once you opened your eyes to what the world really is. To the money and the money flows controlling everything. To the people that will go over millions and billions of dead bodies to make some personal gain. Once you see that you can start to see the real world. The real fucked up world we live in. And once we get the numbers on our side. And this might take years, decades or centuries. Once we get the numbers on our side we will win and be victorious. We will overcome and create a new world where nature, love, compassion and peace are valued for what they are. The pillars of humanity.


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