By Bernie Smith
26 July 2017

This might a bit of dire future for many. And I agree. If there is anything we can do stop this we should be stopping it. However, we are caught in a game. A game we can’t get out of because too many of us play the game. A game that was rigged from the start and we can never win. Or can we?

It is like playing a game of poker with a player that gets 4 aces every hand it plays.

You might be able to win one here or there. But not when they come into play.

When they want to play, they win.

This is how the world works at the moment. We are all part of this immense game. Where the only objective is making as much money as possible. No regard for anything, but making the biggest amount of money. No humanity, ethics or feelings allowed. Money, money, money…..

This game has been going for at least 60 years now. If not longer. And slowly these cheating players have taken control of the game. They have convinced the world that we need to play the game and have created our society around the game. Everyone needs to play the game. We are being primed from pre-school and kindergarten upwards. All our education is about playing the game. But no one seems to understand that this game is rigged. That we are all enslaved by a system of debt and control.

The banking system has created our debt driven monetary system. A system that ensures that you will never be on top. You will never own anything. You will always be borrowing your way to your next step in the game. To see how absolutely corrupt this part of the game is all we have to do is look at the debt clock. This is the total amount of debt the world is in at the moment and it is getting very close to 65 trillion dollars! These amounts are unbelievably large and hard to understand for people. So let me just put it in perspective. The interest that is accused on that amount in about 30 seconds is well over 2 million dollars. Even if the total interest on the 65 trillion is 1% this would still mean that some people are getting the 650 billion that 1$ adds up to in a year! And we all know the interest is more than 1%. So the question is who is getting this money. According to the banks and people in power, they all pay interest too. But we also know that the banking system is a private system and not government controlled at all.

Conspiracies, they say. It’s all conspiracies. But it isn’t. It is true. And the banks and the people behind the banks are somehow making these amounts of money. Because we know one thing for sure. We are all paying interest and the total debt is going up.

This is not a conspiracy. This is basic mathematics. Any 3rd grader can figure this out. The money is going somewhere. The only conspiracy here is that we don’t know where the money is going.

But the game is rigged in many more ways. We have a media system that is part of the rigging. They won’t tell you the truth. Because the same people that own the banks have bought your newspapers, television station and the real control behind the scenes. The press agencies like ANP and AP. The ones that dish out the news to all the outlets around the world. And by controlling the news they control our perceptions.

There are much more ways they control our lives. The oil industry keeps fossil fuels and plastics as a massive part of our earth.
Even though we all know that it is killing our planet and will cause us much grieve in the future. We have alternatives but they are undercut by these massive corporations. So they can remain in control and make the profit they desire. The food industry which is selling us poison but they know that’s where the real profit is. Because the food we really need we can all grow and make from scratch. So they need to sell us stuff they can make money on. And if that food makes us sick. That’s a win too. Because we have a pharmaceutical industry that has made its pride and joy to keep us sick for our entire lives. Pills for everything. Chemically created medications that can never do what natural remedies and cures have done for millennia. Creating medications for illnesses, diseases, and conditions that are only out there because of the food and pharmaceutical industry in the first place.

These corporations are the winners in the game. They are the ones controlling the status quo and they work together to make us all their slaves. Because that is really what the game is creating. A modern army of slaves. And we are all part of it. Kudos to them for making us think we have a say. For giving us illusions of power. They are playing the game well.

Now they will push more and more for World War 3. So they can take control of the whole world. After 9/11 they have taken control of Middle East bit by bit. And with only Syria and Iran left. The time has come for drastic measures. Russia has put its foot down and won’t budge on Syria. And these powers know that if they want to control the whole game they will have to beat them at some point. They tried the propaganda war. And although they are controlling the news outlets, people are starting to wake up to their lies. And the desired outcome has not been what they had hoped for.

World War 3 will be coming. And it will be fought in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia. The Western world will remain war-free and they can keep on living their lives slaves as they are doing now. Paying their bills and keeping the illusion of a free and prosperous life. Terrorists will wreak havoc all around the world. Laws will be erected constantly and freedoms, privacy, and individualism will all be of the past. We will end up in a completely controlled, surveilled society where we have no more power to do anything.

I hope I’m wrong. But at this point, I can’t see any other outcome for our world. The future is bleak. We aren’t winning the game. We aren’t even really in the game. And this is where we can actually win the game. We have to all stop playing the game.

If we all stop playing their game. Stop paying our debts, stop listening to stupid rules and laws. f we all respect every human being like we would want to be respected. If we treated everyone like we would want to be treated. Their game would be worthless. We are billions. They are a few. If we stop playing by their rules we can win the game. If we create our own game. We can win the game of the world. And the key to all this is very simple.

The Power of the People – United we are strong!


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