20160131-The Energy of the People

By Bernie Smith
31 January 2016

I had a conversation today with a very religious person. Someone that needs God and Jesus to explain things in her life. She is a lovely person and her view of her religion is one of love, respect and forgiveness. I do appreciate these qualities and I feel happy for her for having found her way to be positive in life. During this conversation it became clear to me that I must be much more spiritual then I ever realised.

See I believe in the good and bad. The yin and yang, so to say. But when I break it down I believe in energy. I believe everything is energy and energy is all around us. I believe that we can manipulate the energy around us. I believe that if we are positive. Positive energy will find you. But when we are in a negative mindset the negative energy will come for you and it will rain down on you.

It will rain down all the negativity the universe can throw at you. So when I had this talk about religion and we were talking about praying, I realised something. I realised that praying is a way, and awesome one indeed. An awesome way to attract the positive energy. You sit down and you focus your mind on the positive. You focus on God and your prayer and you look at it positively. Not that is something I’m going to be doing now. I’m probably too much of an atheist to pray. However I realised I do believe in something. And I guess by believing in energy, I’m by definition no longer an atheist.

So now the question is. What am I? I’m definitely not religious. I don’t believe in God as such. I do believe Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha and some other ones walked the earth at some point. I believe they had an impact too. But I don’t believe that the higher power or the energy is tamed by anything human or earthly. At least not one person. I believe the energy is a universal thing that is something we can’t comprehend yet.

But this theory of energy does hold an awesome potential. By energy being attracted to you. Energy becomes attraction. The more positive or negative energy you attract around the more of it will come your way. This would explain some awesome things as well as some of the war atrocities that have happened on earth in the past. What it really means though is that we can change the word. Imagine what we could do if we start harvesting the positive energy from the universe. Imagine if a few people meditating can feel the bliss. Imagine the energy we could attract from the realms of the universe if we all put our heads together.

It doesn’t matter how we do this. It can be through prayer, meditation or just having a positive outlook on life. If we all are positive and invite the positive energy in to our world. The positive will find us. But this is also where the problem lays. The people in power know that we as the masses do have the power in our hands. Or brains I should say. They do understand the power of the energy and have created a world where everything that has to do with feeling and energy is ostracised. They created the world we live in now where we are not in touch with energy. Where we create more and more negativity in our lives and thus attract the negative from the universe.

What are the powers going to do when we tap into this awesome power that we have at the tip of our fingers. What if a million of us collectively start inviting the positive in. What if it was 10 or a 100 million. What if we could get a billion people? Far fetched. You say. No it is not. Because I truly believe that if we start tis process it will spread like wild fire. It will spread because once the positive energy takes over it will be an unstoppable process of positivity, love, respect and forgiveness.

We need to start trying to get our energy working for us. We have the power to control the energy around us. Which means we can affect the energy on earth. We have the power. Stop the brainwashing and open your mind to the awesomeness of the energy.

Lets change the world. One small thought at the time. Stay positive. That is really all we need to do.

Fight the negative. Invite the positive.


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