By Bernie Smith
7 May 2016

Hundreds of years ago there was a time when the church ruled it all. The papacy was the one controlling most of the world through there networks of churches. They didn’t let anyone speak bad of them and they kept their information to themselves. The public only got to hear what they were allowed to hear.

But then something happened. The printed press was invented. And all of a sudden it wasn’t just a few monasteries that could print a book. Books were easier to print and information spread fast and wide. This sparked the famous renaissance. The time in which humanity started to see themselves as more important than religion. It sparked a new world in which the papacy was moved back a few rows in the lives of many people. New religious streams came about, people started to ask questions and art made a massive jump into the future.

Now we live in a world where the papacy has been replaced by the banks. We live in the world where multinational corporations rule us all through a system of debt. They rule us through the banks. The papacy used to run the presses. They printed what they liked. And didn’t print what they didn’t want to be known.

Nowadays we are dealing with the same problem. The corporations own the media and only report on what they seem fit. They decide on what is allowed to be heard and what should stay in the dark.

But we are living in the second renaissance. The printing press replaced by the internet and the papacy are our banks. However we are going through another rebirth of humanity. We are starting to see through the deceit that the corporations put on us. The internet has given us a way to spread information quick without interference.

The second renaissance is upon us. Join the freedom movement. Join the freedom of choice. Join the freedom of speech and expression. Join the freedom fighters. Join today and be part of this important chapter in human history. A chapter that is being written today.

Be part of history.


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