By Bernie Smith
25 January 2016

So we live in this world where everything is money, money and money. Our whole life is ruined by this. We are defined from the moment we are born. Defined by how much money your parents have. We can pretend that we live in a world where everyone has a chance and occasionally that’s true. Some people do make it. And those are great stories. But the bottom line is that people from wealthy backgrounds have it a lot easier in life.

But even this isn’t really the biggest problem in the world. It’s unfair and stops a massive majority of the earth’s population from creating something out of their lives. But again this is not the issue. The issue is the way the people on the top try to keep hold of their wealth. They have created this system in which every dollar, every cent has debt attached to it. In the end it’s one big massive pyramid scheme is what we are a part of. Even the poorest of the poor in the Western countries are somewhere in the higher regions of this pyramid though. The problem is that the only ones really profiting from this scheme are the ones in the tip of tip of the tip of this pyramid. It would be like taking the very tip of the pyramid. The 0.1% and then making a pyramid with those people. Now make a new pyramid with the 0.1% of these people and do that a few more times and you’ll have a hand full of people and/or families left that are controlling everything and all. It’s hard to understand but yeah the people in the tip of the pyramid are making good money and they probably live a comfortable life. But in the end they are still enslaved. Just as we are all enslaved into this illusion that we call capitalism.

Someone wants told me that the greatest trick the devil played on mankind was convincing the people that he was god. I feel that we have been played by the devil. Capitalism the way it is ran nowadays is the devil. And there is nothing free and democratic about it. We are not free in the West. Yeah we are free to say what we want. We are free to marry who we want in most countries. We are free to vote. But really what this all mean. Is this real freedom or is this just the illusion. Free to say what we want is not something that is going to hurt the tip of the pyramid. They control the media and they really have the power to make people believe what they want them to believe. It has been proven over the years that this is what happens and that what needs to happen from the top will happen. Are we free because we can vote. Our democracy is a joke. We vote for our representatives but they can just do what they want after they are elected. What happened to accountability. Real democracy would see any politician be held accountable for his breaking of election promises. Real democracy would see these politicians be accountable to their electorate. Whatever that may entail in their part of the world. Real democracy would have referendums for most decisions. Real democracy would value the voice of the people. Real democracy would never take the interests of corporations over the needs of the people.

But we don’t live in this real democracy. we live in a world that is ruled by the corporations that we have in our lives everyday. Climate change debates are being disturbed from the inside out by oil companies and car manufactures. The health of the people has been deteriorating for decades even with all our new technologies coming in. Yes, we are living longer, but are we living longer sick and medicated. Or are we actually healthier then in the past. The only real winners here are the health and pharmaceutical companies. New vaccines are being introduced one after the other for diseases that were and never will be a threat to humanity. Yes a kid might die and that is very sad especially if this your child. But is it worth killing everyone’s immune system. is it worth screwing with nature’s way of keeping us healthy for centuries and millennia, Even I think there are some diseases that if we could eradicate them by vaccinating that would be great. But we never had actual research done into the effectiveness of these vaccines and the real and problematic dangers that are definitely associated with them. Research tells us that the chances are small to have an adverse reaction. Research tells us that they are effective. But mot doctor’s are blatantly refusing to look into symptoms as vaccine related injury and many cases go unreported and aren’t noted as vaccine injury. SIDS might be related to vaccines and even if 10% of these cases have some sort of relation to the vaccines that these babies receive it is about 1500 deaths per year.

Our health system is a system that is trying to keep us sick. Not so sick we can’t be productive. Just sick enough for us to need something that they have created while still being able to be providing for our families and lifestyle. The whole health system is rigged to keep us coming back for more. The whole system is rigged for doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Rigged so they are the only ones that can help. Rigged so we are made to believe that we have to trust a doctor and listen to them when they tell us that we have to take certain medication. That this doctor might be getting large amounts of money or perks from pharmaceutical companies to prescribe drugs is not what we are supposed to think about. We are told that “Dr. Google” is never going to give us the right answers and we just might as well kill ourselves. But this isn’t true. Google is full of great information and unfortunately for doctors accessible by everyone. May be doctors should be looking at using Google more and stop thinking they know it all. Doctors aren’t trained to know the human body. Doctors are trained in the administration of medication. That’s why the study is called Medicine. Not something like Human Health. This is only because of one reason. Because we are made to make money. Make more money then the person next to you and buy that next thing on our list.

Why do we have a profiting health sector. Why do we need to profit of sick people. Why do we need to profit of the creation of food and water. Why do we need to profit of anything. We don’t need to profit of anything if everything was accessible to everyone. It might sound like a fairy tale but it isn’t. It is something we can create in a very short time frame. We just need to change a few things. No more money that is created with interest. Money should be created to boost productivity. And even then it should be paid for from existing money and not from newly created money. Everyone would be paid for their productivity and not for their status. We can change our economy overnight if we had the support. Economy is not science. Our current economy is a fairy tale created to enslave us all.

We can get out of this we just need to rise up and start our revolution. We are the masses and the billions. They might have the money, the power and the armies. We have the right on our side. We are the just and good people in this fight. Even with all their power and money they still need people to fight their fights. There will be a point where these people will realise that they are fighting on the wrong side. We can stand up to the banks, to the politicians and all the companies that put their profits and shareholders on top of the planet, people and our living standards.

We can fight and we have to fight.


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